A tale of two legislators

They were the best of men, they were the worst of men. No, wait a minute, this needs to be preceded by a disclaimer: It is a convention in column-writing (and that’s really what this is, a newspaper column transferred to the blogosphere) that the columnist does not write about himself. There’s even a hard, […]

Is DOE really necessary?

I have long wrestled with the idea of whether the U.S. Department of Education is good, bad, indifferent or even necessary. Most of the time the discussion has been mostly academic, but with the appointment of the utterly unqualified Betsy DeVoss as so-called Secretary of Education, I’ve had to so some serious discussing and research. […]

War on journalism? Saddle up!

If you take the words of Donald Trump at face value, he has uttered a great truth and, as usual, he has told the truth entirely by accident. In his self-proclaimed war on the media, the so-called President of the United States told his adoring cult members gathered in Maryland last week: “A few days ago […]

This is just a fairy tale. Really!

Once upon a time there was a young boy who thought he was very smart. In fact, he thought he was the smartest boy in the village, and he thought this because his friends told him he was. They told him this because his father was very wealthy, and when the other little boys told […]

Is this really who we are?

The hypocrisy of The Right was much in evidence as our national nightmare ground into its second week and the third-grader in the White House started making good on his unconstitutional promises. My Facebook pages have blown up with liberals posting as fast as they can to keep up with No. 45’s violations of civil […]

What if ‘alternative facts’ really catch on?

With two words, uttered in a moment of desperation while under intense pressure on national television, Kellyanne Conway has changed marital relations forever. While being grilled by Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Conway was ducking and dodging Todd’s simple question: Why did Presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in his first appearance before […]