The Elided Female Voices of Foe

November 17, 2006 In a 1991 interview with David Attwell, J.M. Coetzee proposed that censorship has the opposite effect from what is intended: “[T]he very fact that certain topics are forbidden creates an unnatural concentration on them.” (Attwell & Coetzee 300) This explains Coetzee’s repeated use of the silenced voice, or what Peter Morgan calls […]

Being told you’re important can make you humble

  Never underestimate your importance to other people, or the ability of other people to make you re-examine yourself. It was a scary few days beginning last weekend; what started out as an adventure of discovery and new experiences ended up as a bizarre trek through two emergency rooms, an intensive care unit and one […]

There is a difference, and it’s important

The recently-observed Memorial Day, coupled with the ghost of my late father via the person of my youngest brother, has brought out the curmudgeon in me. One of Pop’s greatest pet peeves was that people were constantly confusing Memorial Day with Veterans Day. As a veteran, he was somewhat peeved that there had to be […]

Trump’s Korean folly was doomed from the start

This is what happens when we elect rank amateurs to powerful positions. Donald Trump has now cancelled the summit-that-never-was-going-to-be with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Like the petulant child-man he is, the so-called president took his marbles and went home when Kim started acting like the petulant child-man he is. The summit was doomed from […]