You don’t have to believe it to believe in it

The issue of what one actually believes came up one day recently, specifically vis-à-vis religious belief. And in the course of that discussion I was asked how, if I don’t adhere utterly to the doctrines surrounding belief in an Abrahamic God, I found myself in the pews of a local church on occasional Sundays. The […]

Bannon’s words of hope for liberals

There is good news for liberals from none other than Steve Bannon: The “anti-patriarchy movement will undo ten-thousand years of recorded history.” It’s about damn time, is all I can say. I’m getting really tired of watching powerful white men do really shitty things to people who aren’t powerful white men, and if all it […]

Roy Orbison and the kitchen toilet

A new year, even if it’s an artificial kind of new, where an old set of scenic photos attached to numbered squares gets replaced with a new set of scenic photos attached to numbered squares, simply begs for a new start. The blog is being thrown open to the reading public via my employer, the […]

Conservatives have their way with us

Any American with the gift of critical thought must be thinking, “What now?” All I can advise, my fellow American, is to bend over and prepare to take it right in the tax hole. The conservatives have the reins of power firmly in their grip and they will ride us until we are spent. Political […]