This is just a fairy tale. Really!

At first people laughed at the young boy, but because there was no rule against it, he was allowed to stand for Chieftain.


Is this really who we are?

The hypocrisy of The Right was much in evidence as our national nightmare ground into its second week and the third-grader in the White House started making good on his unconstitutional promises. My Facebook pages have blown up with liberals posting as fast as they can to keep up with No. 45’s violations of civil […]

What if ‘alternative facts’ really catch on?

With two words, uttered in a moment of desperation while under intense pressure on national television, Kellyanne Conway has changed marital relations forever. While being grilled by Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Conway was ducking and dodging Todd’s simple question: Why did Presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in his first appearance before […]

The bullies win, but now it’s different

It is a poignant coincidence to me that America’s first black president is leaving office in the same week that we celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday. Since that bleak morning in November when I awoke to the news that a child-molesting pervert with a fourth-grade mind would be our next president, I have pushed out […]

Maybe it’s time to go back to church

Recent events have led me to think about going back to church, even though I don’t believe one iota of religious doctrine of any faith-based organization with a presence in my home town. But the election debacle we’ve just suffered has prompted me give this some serious thought. See, I’ve been hearing a lot from […]

The empire collapses from the inside

This is not an original thought; I don’t know if it comes from Gibbons’ “Decline and Fall…” or from Shirer’s “Rise and Fall …” but somewhere I have read that the seeds of the empire’s fall were sown in its beginnings. And so it is here. The Founding Fathers almost certainly did not envision the […]

We have eggs, no thanks to the Electoral College!

We didn’t get any eggs the day after the election. Annie was upset about the outcome. Annie is my wife’s “little red hen” and she lays an egg a day, like clockwork. She’s a Hyline Brown and she produces big, brown, rich eggs that make the tastiest omelets. Then there’s Cleo, a nonwhite Leghorn. As […]